Country Hustle Boot Kickin’ Relay

 Giddyup Y’all…It's your time to shine!

Get together some friends, family members or anyone else you can dig up and challenge the competition in this quirky yet somewhat competitive Country relay event. Be sure and challenge some other friends to do the same and let’s see who can walk the walk!

The Rules
1. Teams consist of 4 (or less) people who each run a ¼ mile of the 1 mile relay course while wearing cowboy boots. We encourage you to dress up even more in the country western theme, but as long as you’re wearing cowboy boots we’re good.

1A. If you’re team consists of less than 4 runners (minimum of 2 is required), well…that’s your problem. It just means each person will have to run further, and we only give out awards for the overall teams regardless of how many runners you have. But 2 runners is the minimum requirement, and 4 is the maximum.

  1. Teams can be coed or not, but we don’t discriminate around these parts and there’s only two categories of teams we recognize…them that finish and them that don’t.
  2. Be sure and come up with a great name.
  3. Each team must come up with a type of “baton” for the runners to hand off to one another. The “baton” begins in the hand of the first runner and is passed off to the next runner in each exchange zone and ultimately carried across the finish line by your anchor runner.

4A. We’re very flexible when it comes to what a baton is so use your imagination…a cowboy hat, a sash, a stick, a brick (not recommended for obvious reasons but allowed), even an actual relay baton will work. Any team without a baton will be given a rubber chicken…Cleetus…to use as a baton. You will also be mercilessly mocked.

  1. The members of each team will need to get themselves to their exchange zone locations. Don’t worry, you can see them all and none are too far to walk. The start line is also a bit of a walk.
  2. Any formal protests filed by one team against another (say, for cheatin’) will be ruled on immediately by the Rules Committee. All rulings are final and not subject to debate.

The final, anchor relay runner will finish at the main start/finish line in the venue area. It’s closer to the Saloon that way.

Click here to see a pdf of the course route and the three relay exchange zone locations.